Nutrition education counseling

Programas de educación en nutrición

Nutrition, Cooking and Healthy Lifestyle Education Programs

We develop tailor-made programs for nutrition education, cooking, and healthy lifestyles. We adhere to the education and health standards of each country.

We support healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle and adapt the content to different audiences, to the philosophy of our clients, and of the educational and health institutions with which we collaborate.

We specialize in hands-on workshops using visual and fun materials.

Visit our latest publication where we tested one of our workshops.

Programas de educación en nutrición

Development of tailored nutrition education materials

Healthy View is known for its creativity in contents and graphic design of nutrition and healthy lifestyle educational materials.

We design these tools for different target audiences and always according to the current nutrition education and health standards.

We also create materials to communicate key messages of our clients.

We offer the development, design, and production of these materials.

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Implementation of nutrition education programs

We have a group of dietitians and nutritionists with extensive experience in delivering workshops and handling novel nutrition education materials.